May 1, 2009

Grand Prize Winner Announced!

The grand prize winner of Venture Snowboards’ season-long “Mountain Life” photo contest is Amy Flygare of Benson, Utah.

Amy’s determination to win this contest was unflagging. She submitted photos each of the seven months of the contest, and two of these won top honors. Her September submission took the cake, winning the judges’ approval instantly. “She looks so graceful,” said one. “She’s pointing it like she means business,” commented another. Others approved of the use of shadow and light, and the awesome backcountry setting. Her hand-drag and shadow really put things over the top. The judges are still a little miffed that Amy won’t share the location of this photo in order to keep folks from poaching her secret spot. Maybe now she’ll let us in on her little secret?

We hope Amy makes many good turns on her prize – a brand spanking new Venture deck. Enjoy the ride Amy!

Many, many thanks to all the contest participants who shared the stoke this winter! You can check out a slide show of all the awesome submissions we received in the sidebar of this blog.

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