April 10, 2009

March Photo Winner

The winner of this month's photo contest is Jon Gellings of Anchorage, AK.

Our judges felt that Jon’s photo of three snowboarders working for their turns on Hatcher Pass in AK showed the true spirit of backcountry riding. One judge commented that “The riders are dwarfed by the amazing backdrop of mountains, which really puts things into perspective.” Jon also won the January competition, giving him a two in seven chance of winning a snowboard in the second tier grand prize competition.

This month's competition participants really pulled out all the stops, and their photo entries were over the top. Check out these amazing runners up...

Here's Stone Parker shredding in Valle Nevado, Chile. Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

David Mower submitted this pic of his bud Oliver Adams dropping into a gnarly line near Silverton on his Venture Divide.

We loved the play of shadow and light in this great twilight pow shot submitted by Tim Fraley.

Kevin Beavers, of Mandala Dyes in Durango, deserved an honorable mention for this shot of his custom tye dyed board (dubbed "Gnarlene") and t-shirt, both emblazoned with the Venture flake.

And finally, Jason Brooks got brownie points for busting out this jib on a vintage Venture ride!

To recap, the monthly winners of Venture’s “The Mountain Life” photo contest winners include:

September: Amy Flygare

October: Josh Hejtmanek

November: Eric Flygare

December: Natalie Cromwell

January: Jon Gellings

February: Amy Flygare

March: Jon Gellings

These monthly winners will be entered into the final grand prize competition, to be judged in late April, and one lucky shutter bug will walk away with a brand spanking new Venture snowboard. Stay tuned for the results of the final round!

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