June 1, 2009

09/10 Graphics - Sneak Peek!

Here's a little sneak peek at next season's board graphics....Enjoy the eye candy!

Zephyr (all mountain)

Storm (big mountain freeride)

Split Storm (formerly called the Divide)

Helix (true twin)

Euphoria (powder specific)

We will be offering all four models in split and solid versions, and will also be introducing some rockered shapes into the lineup. Stay tuned for more info a little later this summer!

Think snow...


  1. I have Mondays off and had to make my way up to Silverton to see the new Venture location. In addition to getting a new t and zip hoody, I saw some of the 09/10 boards in the showroom. My jaw dropped! I told them the graphics just keep getting better and better! True works of art! You have to see them for yourselves! Even better in real life!

  2. Hi Venture folks, I am really interested in getting complete info on the Split-Rockered-Storm. Specifically, I would like to see how you are incorporating the rocker (profile). Rockered tip, rockered tip and tail, complete rocker through board tip to tail, or some kind of hybrid with a flat section in the middle of the board?
    I am really excited about the rockerd shapes, and am expecting that a 172 Split-Rockered-Storm is in my future.
    Thanks for pushing the envelope on split boards!

    Barrows (CO Front Ranger)

  3. Hi Barrows,

    The center of the board is flat(between the bindings) and the tip and tail are rockered starting just outside the inserts. It takes a little getting used to but once you get it the ride is amazing!

  4. Venture staff,

    Glad to hear you are looking at the rocker design on your boards. I had the pleasure of riding a rocker a couple of times this year and feel in love with how easy it was to ride. Which boards do you plan on offering the rocker design. I wanted to purchase the Zephyr, but find the storm to be an interesting design as well.

    You photo contest was excellent and offered lots of great photo's!

    Scott, AKA neck deep and loving it guy!

  5. Hi Scott,

    The Helix and Euphoria will be offered with rocker, and with the Storm you'll have the option of rocker or camber. The Zephyr will remain cambered. More details will be up on our website soon so stay tuned. Thanks for being a part of the photo contest!