October 5, 2008

September Photo Winner!

Our September photo contest winneris Amy Flygare of Benson, Utah. Check out her sweet line...makes you drool, doesn't it?

Amy’s photo won the judges’ approval instantly. “She looks so graceful,” said one. “She’s pointing it like she means business,” commented another. Others approved of the use of shadow and light, and the awesome backcountry setting. The judges’ only complaint was that Amy didn’t share the location of her photo - presumably to keep them from poaching her secret spot!

Congrats Amy! You'll be receiving a bunch of Venture swag in the mail, and your photo will also be entered into the second tier grand prize competition, giving you a one in seven chance of winning a brand spanking new snowboard!

This month's photo contest brought in more than 20 entries from all over North America, including submissions from New Hampshire, Montana, and British Columbia. Subject matter was all over the map. Below are three runners up that the judges felt deserved honorable mention.

Judges agreed that Mike Taormina's photo came with the best story. "This was the view of an early morning inversion atop lone peak in Montana, April of 2007. The best part of the day was that, down below, nobody knew it was a bluebird day up top. Patrol let myself and the other tram operator ride a normally roped off line referred to by them as "Tits Up." Negotiating the rock-lined chutes that took us into the fog you see in this picture was one of the great moments I have had on a board (It was indeed a Venture, which I was sold by Grizzly Outfitters there in Big Sky). Thanks for the great board, which stood up to the scree fields like a champ." Awwww...that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Tyler Kind got brownie points for including a Venture board in his photo but the backcountry flavor, composition, and scenery are really what got him honorable mention. Here's what Tyler had to say about his submission: "I broke my Arbor A-frame last winter at Silverton and bought a Venture Storm while there to replace it. The board is the best ride on the market and I continually spread the positive word about your amazing boards. This photo is me in the back country near Vail. I look forward to seeing you guys at Silverton once the snow sticks...Thanks for taking my riding to the next level!" You're welcome, Tyler!

Kyle Zimmerman's photo of his friend Brandon was just plain hilarious. It's entitled "Aunt Jemima Jesus," and here's how he describes it: "All you need on a springbreak trip to Silverton is long underwear and syrup...mmmmm." Mmmmm indeed Kyle!

Thanks to all the photographers who participated this month! If you missed out on this round, there are still six more chances to get a shot at the grand prize – which is a brand spanking new Venture board. Monthly competitions will take place from now through March 2009, with winners entered into a second tier competition, to be judged in early April. The contest theme is "The Mountain Life" and anything goes - lifestyle, action, scenic, humor....as long as it reflects life in the mountains. For details on how to enter, click here.

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  1. Silverton Mt was amazing for opening day. The best snow in the CO for sure. Knee deep and no crowds. Why weren't you there?