January 1, 2008

Venture Debuts "The Bomber"

Aaron Brill, founder of the rogue ski area Silverton Mountain, has long dreamed of designing his own snowboard. Now his ideas are becoming reality through a partnership with Venture Snowboards.

Venture has become the ski area’s official snowboard sponsor and maintains a fleet of demo boards at the mountain. In addition, Venture’s founder and design engineer, Klemens Branner, has been collaborating with his counterpart at Silverton Mountain to develop a big mountain deck, influenced by the terrain that is fast making Silverton a legend. “I’m really excited to be working with Aaron and to tap his expertise. Our initial prototypes have performed well, and I think some revolutionary designs will come out of this partnership,” said Branner.

In 06.07, input from Brill was used to develop Venture’s big mountain board, the Storm. For 08.09, they’ve tweaked the Storm’s design by adding a modified swallowtail. “The tail is forked as with any other swallowtail, but it curves upward like a standard board rather than being flat,” says Branner. “This means you can ride switch, which is damn near impossible on a traditional swallowtail, and still have all the powder-specific benefits.” After putting the board through its paces on Silverton Mountain, Brill seems happy with the design: "This board rips all big mountain conditions with no loss of torsional rigidity typically found in other swallowtails, and when it gets extra deep the unique tail kicks in for optimum powder riding and no leg burn."

The limited edition Silverton Mountain Swallowtail features custom Silverton Mountain graphics, and is available exclusively at Silverton Mountain. For more information call Silverton Mountain at 970.387.5706 or visit the mountain's website.

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  1. Can't find this one on Venture's website! I bought a 171 with a bullet nose and full rocker at Silverton after a day on the slopes and several apres beers last year (09), and it lives up to its name. It's an absolute missile -- it plows through the gnar, it floats like a magic carpet on freshies, and it slices/dices on groomer days with the wife. This post might be a bit old, but if they're still making this board, buy one!