August 30, 2007

Ska Rides Again

Venture Snowboards and the characters at Ska Brewing are once again teaming up to produce a limited edition beer and a small run of custom graphics boards. This year's decks feature Ska's zany comic book characters, along with the distinctive Venture snowflake.

The partnership between Venture and Ska started when the two homegrown businesses came together to talk about how they could collaborate. "We jokingly refer to ourselves as the microbrew of snowboards because we build high quality boards from scratch," explains Venture's Lisa Branner. "Ska takes the same approach in crafting their beer, so teaming up seemed like a natural."

Several limited edition boards will be given away this winter at events across the state. Stay tuned for details - and look out for Euphoria Pale Ale on tap and in bottles throughout the southwest.

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